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Radicalisation in Schools: EU Teachers in Desperate Need of More Support

European Union Education Ministers are meeting in France to work out how to tackle the radicalisation of youngsters living in the EU and how to stop them from traveling to Syria and Iraq to join IS.


In defence of soft power: why a “war” on terror will never win

The recent rise in global terrorism is alarming, but it also reaffirms the failure of our purely hard military approach to counter the phenomenon.


Critics fear Bill C-51 could lead to unintended consequences

PM says police and national security agencies need additional tools and greater co-ordination to combat terrorism


You got me good, Stevie

In response to the fatal attacks in Ottawa and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec, the federal government unveiled a new “anti-terrorism bill”, Bill C-51.


Countering new forms of violent extremism

Hamed El-Sa’id  Issue No:351

The terrorist attacks in Paris and Verviers in eastern Belgium represent part of a new shift in the world of terrorism and an increasing global trend. 


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