Hamed El Said, PhD

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In Brief: 
     Hamed El-Said is Chair and Professor of International Business and Political Economy at the Manchester Metropolitan University Business School (UK). Hamed is advisor to the United Nations’ 1267 Al-Qaeda Taliban Monitoring Team, and to the Arab Thought Forum, founded and chaired by HRH Prince Hassan ben Talal of Jordan. In 2008, he headed the research team of the United Nations Counter Implementation Task Force’s Working Group on Addressing Radicalisation and Extremism that Lead to Terrorism. This position was responsible for analysing counter radicalisation and de-radicalisation programs of United Nations Member States in order to identify best practices and lessons to be derived. The findings were collated in a report submitted to the United Nations Member States in late 2008, and which was published on the United Nations website: (http://www.un.org/terrorism/pdfs/radicalization.pdf).
     Professor El-Said has published extensively on the Middle East and North Africa. He is the co-author of Aid and Power in the Middle East and North Africa, and Economic Liberalisation, Social Capital and Social Welfare in the Arab World (both published in 2009 by Palgrave McMillan with Professor Jane Harrigan). His latest work includes a book entitled Globalisation, Democratisation and Radicalisation in the Arab World (with Jane Harrigan, Macmillan Palgrave, 2011), and Deradicalising Islamists: Learning from Counter Radicalisation and De-radicalisation Programmes of Muslim-Majority States (Routledge, 2012, in print).
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